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Windshield Heater Strips

We carry a wide variety of silicone Heater strip products to suit any need, our Strips are made with 12 v technology to heat up the wiper thermal deck quickly and easily. Our Strips are also waterproof so you can clean your car's Windshield with them.

Windshield Heater Strips Ebay

Looking for a specific kind of Windshield Heater strip? We've got just the thing! Our strip of 150 v silicone-heater strip can help your car's Windshield get that top-notch temperature each and every time, so, you can stay cool and clear, no matter what the weather's like. This is an 1 pc 150 w 12 v silicone Heater strip for Windshield screen wiper thermal heating, it will help keep your window at a warm temperature, making it look good. It is likewise facile to handle and installation is not required, looking for a Windshield Heater strip that can reach the inside of your car without using a clippers? Search no more than the 1. 2 m 150 w 12 v silicone Heater strip for Windshield screen wiper thermal heating, this Heater strip comes with a silicone technology that ensures first-rate heat distribution and ensures your car is in the best possible condition while still hunting beautiful. This 150 w 12 v silicone heater-strip for Windshield screen wiper thermal heating new is sensational for heating up your car's windshield, the strip comes with making it straightforward to handle and use without having to keep reaching in your car for the skillet. The strip also helps to avoid damage to the screen and the wiper.