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Westinghouse Ceramic Tower Heater

The Westinghouse Ceramic Tower Heater is an unrivaled surrogate to ease your warm weather into cold weather, this model provides a new, digital controller that makes it uncomplicated to control the heat. Plus, the black powder coated finish will make your building or office stand out.

Westinghouse 1500 Watt Ceramic Tower Heater

The Westinghouse 1500 watt Ceramic Tower Heater is first-class for cold climate controlled rooms or any place where a warm glow is important, the Heater extends a simple to adopt controls and effortless to operate, just turn the knob to the desired temperature and wait for the heiress to light up. The Heater as well self-powered, so you can be sure that you're getting the best deal possible on the quality and performance you expect from Westinghouse products, the Westinghouse Ceramic Tower Heater is first-rate for cold session or cold weather. It is uncomplicated to operate and it is valuable for use in a home or office, it is a top-of-the-line surrogate for folks who are searching for a small, affordable and reliable heater. This Westinghouse Heater is a reliable and reliable products that will make your home feel a little bit of warmth in the winter, it's made of Ceramic and making use of an electric coil, it is very basic to handle and is fantastic for small apartments or condos. The Westinghouse Ceramic Tower Heater is a powerful Tower Heater that is puissant for home heating and cooling, this Heater grants a power of 18. 7 degrees fahrenheit and is manufactured of high-quality Ceramic materials, it offers a thin wick which makes it uncomplicated to heat up, and also provides a low noise level. This Heater is fantastic for shoppers who desiderate to in turn, heating their home up to new heights.