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Vw Bus Gas Heater

This is an enticing opportunity for a store that volkswagen vehicles, the Heater control switch with the knob is necessary for optimizing the heat distribution on a Vw bus. It’s a first rate addition to each vehicle.

Vw Bus Gas Heater Amazon

The Bus Gas Heater imparts a relay control to control the Bus Gas heater, the Bus Gas Heater is connecting the tank and the engine with the bus. This makes the Bus more efficient and the Bus Gas Heater helps to cool the bus, the Vw Bus Gas Heater control knob is a first-rate substitute to improve the heat that your car's Gas engine provides. This control allows you to adjust the temperature of the Bus Gas Heater to create a more defined heat on the car, the Vw Bus Gas Heater relay 411-963-135-c is a genuine oem german Vw Bus Gas Heater relays. They are made of heavy-gauge aluminum and have a black anodized finish, they are compatible with many vehicles, including the audi a8, b8, and c8. The Vw Bus Gas Heater timer control is a fantastic surrogate for admirers who ache to control the temperature in a Vw Bus Gas heater, the timer allows the use of up to 4 falls Bus Gas heaters at the same time, meaning you can always have a fuel economy number in mind for next week's check.