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Vintage Coleman Heater

This Vintage Coleman catalytic Heater model 513 an is in original box, this product is a terrific addition to you product line. This Heater is still in good condition and is still working, this Heater is still workable and effortless to use. This Coleman Heater is an enticing addition to your home and will give you the heat you need to run your home climate control.

Vintage Coleman 10 / 1967 Model 515 Catalytic Heater  5000-8000 BTU DualTemp

Vintage Coleman 10 / 1967

By Coleman


Vintage Coleman Heater Amazon

This Vintage Coleman Heater is a valuable addition to your Vintage home, it is a small, but powerful Heater that can help to cool your room down. This Heater also works well as an air conditioning unit, or used heating system, this Heater is sure to give your home a much needed chill. This Vintage Coleman Heater is a rare but good surrogate for enthusiasts who adore to cook, the Heater offers the traditional Coleman switch and is fabricated of heavy-duty metal. It as well electric which makes it uncomplicated to use, the Coleman Heater can produce up to 10, this Vintage Coleman Heater is a do-it-yourself fix-and-for-fun project. You can find this model at any home improvement store, it is an adjustable Heater that can be positioned at 5500 or 8000 btus. The thermostat will control the temperature, so you can make sure this Heater is at a top-of-the-line level of heat, this Heater is conjointly straightforward to set up and is top-notch for use in home kitchens. This Vintage Coleman Heater renders original box handle and is exactly 513-700 with the way to have a catalytic Heater effect, this model is in like manner available with an electric effect. This Coleman is an enticing addition to the collection of anyone interested in Vintage heating tools.