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Vintage Arvin Fan Forced Heater

This Arvin Fan Forced Heater is a fantastic addition to your store, this heaters is built to perfectly temperature of 30 degrees fahrenheit. With an automatic shut off system, this Heater is first-rate for your customers who desiderate to heat up quickly.

Arvin Heater Parts

The Arvin Heater is a popular and affordable Fan Forced electric space heater, this model is an 4300 watt model and will supply up to 1320 watt. It is a Vintage style Fan Forced electric space Heater that is produced from stainless steel finish and plastic cases, the Arvin is designed as a comfortable and warm place to relax, and its 3000 watt power is enough to power up to 1440 watt. The Arvin is also compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, providing access to up to 4300 watt, this Arvin heaters is a splendid opportunity to get your hands on a warm space heater. This model provides an 1320 watts of power and is automatic so you can be sure it will heat up quickly, it is automatic so you can just as easily use it as an automatic Fan Forced instant heat. This heaters is in like manner made out of durable materials so it will last, if you are wanting for a space Heater that can help you heat up the house, Arvin space Heater 1320 watts automatic Fan Forced instant heat taupe is the one for you. This is a classic Fan Forced Heater that continues to work as an automatic Fan Heater for 30 h20-1 1250 w and 1500 it presents a sleek design with a silver finish and a two-tone color scheme, this Heater is produced of sturdy materials and comes with a case. This Arvin Fan Forced Heater is an 1320 watt automatic Fan Forced instant heat taupe Vintage heater, it is a top-notch way for any Arvin space Heater needs, as it grants a strong automatic Fan Forced heat feature that will bring out the heat on its own, and it is a sensational addition to each home space Heater collection.