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Torpedo Heater

Looking for a backyard greenhouse that will do the job of keeping the plants going all year long? look no further than the torpedo heater! This bio-green palma greenhouse heater will quickly and easily heat up a small property to a mental green home. With its digital thermostat, you can set the heat to as low as you need it to be, so you can keep the plants going all day long. Plus, the palma greenhouse heater will give you that nice fresh smell in your house, whether you're looking to turn it into a green home or just make sure the plants are growing properly.

Waste Oil Torpedo Heater

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Dayton 175 000 Btu Heater

Dewalt is a trusted name in the market for portable kerosene space heaters. This dayton 177 000 btu heater is a powerful and fast fuel engine that can generate up to 175, 000 btus. It is perfect for use in small spaces, such as hotels and airports. The dewalt dh75 kt is a reliable and efficient kerosene space heater that can meet any fuel needs. thistorpedoheater is a new and unique forced air heaters product from used heatstar. It is a natural gas heating system with a 150000 btu power rating. Thetorpedoheater min. Order is 10 units. the torpedoheater is a must-have for any higgins truck or car. This heatersized engine air bottle will take your vehicle to up to -40 degrees celsius in just minutes. With its durable build and easy-to-use controls, the torpedoheater is your new detailing favorite. thistorpedoheater is a dewalt propane forced air heater that variable to 125, 000 btu. With this heater, you can have the perfect temperature for your home or office. The built-in fan ensures that you have a calm and peaceful environment, while the thermostat ensures constant temperature.