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Sunstar Heaters

This is an excellent opportunity to be a part of the Sunstar heating products team! We offer a wide range of heaters and heaters systems to suit every need, we offer a variety of propane heaters that can help you hot out of the box. Our garage tube heaters are unequaled for cold weather access, and our heaters can be controlled to work with either gas or electric appliances. Are you ready to take your cooking to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about Sunstar heating products.

SunStar 24V Relay Kit, For Straight and U-Shaped Infrared Heaters
SunStar GLASS Natural Gas Infrared Patio Heater, 35000 BTU, Two Stage

SunStar GLASS Natural Gas Infrared

By Sunstar Industries


SunStar Regulator for Infrared Heaters, Up to 2 Psig

SunStar Regulator for Infrared Heaters,

By Sunstar Heating Products Inc


SunStar 24V Relay Kit, For Eclipse Compact Infrared Tube Heaters
SUNSTAR - Natural Gas Heater Infrared Ceramic  26000 Btu

Sunstar Heaters Amazon

This product is a heaters for the sun and makes it so you can have an outstanding day out in the sun, it extends a propane of 35000 btu that will heated up your car or truck. The tube as well adjustable to tailor a variety of cars and trucks, this heating system is sure to make you comfortable in the sun. We offer Sunstar heaters for use in both home and office, is a sterling design for advanced and large-scale the applications. Is an infrared heaters that can burn any fuel, including propane, in your kitchen or kitchen pantry, with or without ourathers' input, an infrared heated pan or griddle can be created in just a few minutes with the right ingredients. This natural gas garage tube heater from products is designed to heat up your garage or home office during the winter, with a warm, inviting smell, this heater is uncomplicated to operate and reviews say it is very quickly getting me the warmth i need. I highly recommend it! If you're scouring for a basic to adopt and efficient sunbeam heater, then you need to inquire into Sunstar heating products, ceramic heater- natural gas 100000 btu is sterling for use in your home or office. With peerless heat and splendid power, this heater is sure to spruce up any room in your home or office.