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Sauna Heater

The vevor 2369 kw Sauna Heater stove internal external control home commercial is a peerless solution for a shopper who wants to enjoy a hot bath or spa experience in the outdoors, with a basic to operate controls, you can set the Sauna to a comfortable temperature, turn the stove on or off, control the heat with a knob, and even control the noise with a sound cd/mp3 player. So whether you're a die-in-the-forest kind of guy or gal, the vevor 2369 kw Sauna Heater stove internal external control home commercial is a top solution for your outdoorsy need.

Wet Sauna Heater

This is an 2-in-1 stove sole stove to adopt an electric Sauna Heater in a dry Sauna experience, the wet Sauna Heater features 2 power levels, temperature adjustable, internal control, and comes with an 2-year warranty. This Sauna Heater is top-of-the-line for lovers who desiderate a relaxing experience in a dry Sauna without having to leave the room, this electric Sauna Heater is enticing for admirers who crave to enjoy a hot bath or spa treatment in the dry and cold room of a sauna. The 6 kw the Sauna Heater and makes it easier to heat up the room, classroom or home room, additionally, this electric Sauna Heater comes with a wet and dry rock protector included, so your Sauna experience always safe and healthy. The Sauna Heater electric is an outstanding alternative for admirers who are wanting for a high-powered, all-in-one solution to heat and cooling their sauna, this, like all our electric Sauna Heater models, features an 80 kw power rating and v1 ph input. With this power, you can easily create a home-cookedです! This is an 3 person sauna, it is a wet dry sauna, so you can thermal protect yourself while you are in the sauna. This Sauna extends a cedar finish to it, it is a new Heater included with the purchase.