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Mr Heater Portable Shower

The mr. Heater is the perfect addition to any camp. This camping shower system with portable battery operated shower system is 10-ft. Of 6-in. You'll love the extra 10-ft. Of hose for easy water management. The camp is also familiarizing with the unique mr. Heater design that allows you to use either a shower head or shower body with this mini camp shower system.

Mr Heater Boss Xb13

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Mr Heater Boss

The mr. Heater boss portable camp battery operated shower system is the perfect solution for use in an emergency shower. This system is easy to use with an extra 10-foot hose for a long wait in your emergency shower. Plus, there is a part that can be attached to a tent for rain or snow. the mr heater water heater is a great choice for those who love the convenience of a campground rechargeable shower. This model is especially convenient because it comes with a base that can be placed almost anywhere in the room, making it perfect for small spaces. this is a mr. Heater portable shower model that is designed for use in a short amount of time camp. It has a long battery life and can be used for up to 3 hours of use per day. The shower has a built-in a/c unit that helps to keep the temperature high and comfortable for long hours of camping and travel. the mr heater f235897 is a portable shower that can be used for camping, travel or while you work. This camp excellence product is brand new and will always be the best value. With great air quality and an extended range, the mr heater is perfect for a long weekend.