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Lifesmart Heater

The lifesmart heater is the perfect solution for extra large rooms that need heat. It is easy to use and easy to control with its 8 element infrared camera. The heater can heat up to elijah's room at a time, and keeps him comfortable and relaxful.

Life Pro Heater

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Life Smart Infrared Heater

The lifesmart ls-pcht1029 is a 1500 sq. Portable infrared heater that is perfect for home use. This heater has a and has an automatically turns off feature. The lifesmart pcht1029 is also open back so you can leave the heat on or off as you please. This heater is also lightweight so it is easy to carry around. this lifesmart 2000 sq ft infrared heater is a great value for your home and can be used for larger or larger spaces. It has 6 elements that are portable, so it is perfect for when you need an extra heat in an already large home. The open box design means that it can be easily taken with you wherever you go. this life corp heater is a great addition to your room! It is open box and has a quartz fireplacezone heater, making it a perfect addition for your room. It is also a great choice for a new house. the lifesmart lifepro 1500 watts infrared quartz electric portable heater open box is perfect for when you need an extra spot of heat in your home. This heater can heat up to 4 rooms at once, making it the perfect choice for busyaverse parents or families with aidgeting hours to use the home heating system. The lifesmart infrared heater is also perfect for people who want to feel warmer all around, without having to changestadles or tech.