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Kenmore Water Heater Parts

The Kenmore 7288552 home Water softener control board is an important part of your Water heater, it helps you regulate the Water temperature, and can control the amount of Water used during the boiling and then cooling stages.

Honeywell gas valve water heater. AO Smith, Kenmore, Etc. WV8840B1118 9007885005
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Water Heater Pilot Gas Reliance

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Kenmore Water Heater Pilot Assembly

The control board is for the Kenmore 7285677 home Water softener, it includes the pilot assembly and the Water heater. The Kenmore 7288544 Water softener electronic control board is a critical part of your Kenmore 7288544 Water maine machine, this part helps you manage and optimize your Water usage by providing you with data on how much Water is being used and how much energy it is using. The board also provides you with the ability to make Water adjustments and control the amount of Water used by using the control wheel, Kenmore is a brand that creates quality products. This Water Heater part is fabricated from honeywell materials, it is a colorful unit that offers a green and white style. The body renders a design, while the top presents a Kenmore logo, the bottom of the Water Heater part provides a kw logo. It is available in two sizes, the small and the large, this Kenmore hot Water engine part is a control valve that allows the Water to flow evenly throughout the system. It is important to note that this valve is not included on certain models, so it should be replaced as part of your home's Water usage.