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Engine Block Heater Cord

This Cord is designed to connect to a vehicle's electrical system and heat up the Block or pan, the current market offer is that this Engine Block Heater Cord is a direct replacement for your favorite brand of cord. Additionally, this short length Cord cables that are female-male type which makes it uncomplicated to connect to a car's electrical system.

Engine Block Heater Cord Walmart

This 95-16 ford powerstroke diesel Block Heater element Cord for 6, 0 6. 4 6, is a top-rated substitute for enthusiasts wanting for a reliable and sturdy Engine Block Heater cord. This Cord is long enough to reach up to the block's top and is manufactured of top-quality electrical cord, it is facile to use, so you can get the most out of your engine. This Engine Block Heater Cord is for the oliver white tractor, it is a standard length Cord with a black electrical plug. This Cord is rated for 2 a power and is produced of high quality electrical material, it is a duramax Cord and is about 2. 8 meters long, it is black in color and imparts a long, black and white textured border. The end of the Cord offers a small hole that allows you to add an extra aa battery (not included), this Cord also comes with a warranty. 9 6, 7 l cummins Block heater. It is not for the 1989-1984 or the earlier versions, and is transparent so that you can see the style of plastic it is produced out of. The color is light blue and the style is light blue.